Sony Pictures’ Rita Belda on Film Grain, 4K, and Restoring a Screwball Classic | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) |

Leading up to the launch of Sony's Video Unlimited 4K movie downloading service, the Frank Capra classic — and by most accounts the first "screwball" comedy — It Happened One Night (1934) got a new 4K master.

Dating to an era when camera negatives were routinely used to strike release prints, the original negative for It Happened One Night had been damaged from overuse.

Still, that's where this restoration process began.

A new wet-gate fine-grain master was made from the camera negative, and then scanned at 4K.

The scan was then cleaned up by Prasad Corporation, which removed dirt, tears, scratches, and other imperfections from the image.

The final results were graded at 4K resolution on a Baselight system at Colorworks, the DI facility owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), which paid special attention to matching the look of the fine-grain print scans to lower-quality dupe frames that had been used to replace footage that was in especially bad shape.