LG Claims World’s Largest OLED TV Title With 77-inch Ultra HD Set - Digits - WSJ | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) | Scoop.it

LG is making the first declaration of awesomeness with a triple threat:

The company says it will debut a 77-inch OLED television that will boast the Ultra HD resolution – 3,480 x 2,160 pixels – and a curved screen.

This makes it the world’s largest OLED set, says LG, an important bragging point because OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology promises unparalleled contrast and response time, not to mention the thinnest screens.

Instead of requiring a separate light source to illuminate pixels, like LCD TVs, OLED pixels illuminate themselves when they receive electric current.

OLED has long been the “next great thing” in the TV business – and at the CES show – but TVs based on the technology have been slow to hit the market.

As for that curved shape, TV makers argue that it offers a more immersive picture.