AudioControl Debuts Pair of Concert Ultra HD 4K Receivers | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) |

AudioControl just announced a pair of new Ultra HD 4K receivers.

The Concert AVR-6 and Concert AVR-8 are both designed to complement a 4K setup.

The AVR-8 boasts 200 watts to each of its seven channels into 4 ohms, while the AVR-6 drops that down to 100 watts per channel with 8 ohms.

Each receiver also offers 3D support, seven HDMI inputs, two ARC-compatible HDMI outputs, and several other connection options. Also worth noting is that each component can be configured for a 7.1 system or as a 5.1 system, with the two remaining channels serving a second zone.

Besides the Ultra HD 4K and 3D video pass-through and upscaling, both receivers have proprietary auto room setup and room correction with equalization.