Realtek’s 4K2K UHD Smart TV SoC (RTD2995) Wins Innovative Product Award 2013 | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) |

Realtek Semiconductor Corp., one of the world's leading IC providers, today announced that its 4K2K UHD Smart TV SoC (RTD2995) has received an Innovative Product Award 2013 from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration in Taiwan.

This is the first 4K2K single TV SOC solution to combine 4K2K video processing and smart features. Realtek's innovative TV hardware platform and advanced technology provides an outstanding and powerful platform using open-source Android OS, hastening the migration to 4K2K TV.

The RTD2995 is a comprehensive and full-featured smart TV controller offering video decoding up to 4K2K and encoding up to 1080p, a powerful multi-core ARM CPU, a high-performance multi-core 3D GPU, support for 3D shutter glass and PR panel, support for all 4K2K panels, 4K2K Video/Photo Playback and HDMI 4K2K input, 4K2K Android 4.x TV with APP application, support for Gesture Control and Object Recognition, and support for 3D Game and Sports Applications.