SVG Football Production Summit: broadcasters get to grips with 4K and more | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) |











No one disputes the sheer number or variety of new tools available to broadcasters for enhancing their football coverage – but how to make the most effective use of these technologies? The changing face of football broadcasting came under close scrutiny during an illuminating panel session moderated by IEC in Sport COO Peter Angell at SVG Europe’s Football Production Summit in Paris.


Not surprisingly, 4K dominated much of the conversation. Martin Knight, BSkyB Sport, technical producer, said that the spectre of 4K as a tool conjured a sense of déjà vu reminiscent of the SD-HD transition. “From our point of view it’s a technology we want to look at, and there are some tests that we would like to do,” he said. But with the need to deliver all manner of high quality editorial content to go alongside it, “you need to make sure the technology is there to do that otherwise the product will become less of a product.