Audio Objects for 4KTV | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) |

The current buzz in the television industry is all about the promise of 4K, yet most of the talk is centered on video quality, with very little being said about the audio that supports the image.

The reason so little is being said about audio for 4K television is because it is an area that’s still in its infancy.

No standards currently exist that define exactly what audio for 4K is, but organizations like ATSC and SMPTE are now tackling the technical requirements while Dolby, DTS, Fraunhofer, and other manufacturers are sorting out the creation and consumer ends of the chain.

The part that is crystal clear is that the efforts of all the standards organizations and manufacturers are aimed at making the 4K audio experience both immersive and personalized, and that these goals are centered around object-based audio.