ASUS Z87-Deluxe/Quad review: first Thunderbolt 2.0 motherboard | Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) |

ASUS sent us the Z87-Deluxe/Quad, a Socket 1150 motherboard for Haswell processors that includes about every type of connector you could wish for.

The most exotic one? Thunderbolt 2.0.

Thunderbolt 2 has two main advantages compared to version 1. The DisplayPort part has been upgraded to DisplayPort 1.2, which includes the Multi-Stream Transport (MST) feature.

This is important for 4K monitors because they combine two DisplayPort signals which is only possible with version 1.2.

The price of this board will likely be a turn-off for potential buyers. An average of £287 / €311 is fine considering the features and connectors you get, but it's a lot compared to the rest of the market.

Since you can find very comprehensive Z87 boards from ASUS for £150-£200, the Z87-Deluxe/Quad is reserved for people who really want to use Thunderbolt in the future.

If you belong to that group, there really isn't a reason not to buy this motherboard.

Actually, if you're planning on building a new PC with Thunderbolt it wouldn't make sense to choose anything else but Thunderbolt 2.0, and right now this ASUS board is the only option on the market.